About Us

We are a Prince Edward Island Social Enterprise that sells the worlds best salts. Period.

We wholesale premium organic/kosher sea salts and salt products from around the world for a fair and reasonable price. 

Our target audience are groups looking for a unique one of a kind product that brings in a great profit and makes a difference in the world. Our Premium Organic Salts 4 Pack definitely does that.

These particular groups also want their purchase to have a social impact, for a double win. And we do that too. Proceeds from this project go to Random Acts of Kindness PEI, CMHA PEI in support of mental health initiatives. 

For every sale we make, retail or wholesale, proceeds will go directly to support, educate and service mental health initiatives on PEI.

And yes, we also do custom labels that caters to weddings, conferences, business gifts for staff and clients.

Our Mission

To support, educate and fund mental health initiatives that affect the people in our community while creating good jobs and opportunities. 

Our Vision

To build a strong sustainable business that creates good paying jobs for our community, while making an impact in our community and the world. 

Our Values

Have Fun. Keep it simple. Believe in our people. Constantly be adding value. Pay it forward. Outperform.


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